State Assessment Exemption Request

All students are expected to participate in the Wyoming Assessment System. Every effort must be made to inform parents, guardians, and students of the testing calendar and to stress the importance of participation.

However, on behalf of a student, school administrators may apply for exemption from participation from the Wyoming Assessment System. An exemption request must meet the criteria in one of the three categories listed below and current documentation must be submitted with each request.

The submissions will be accepted from Jan 13.

Exemption Criteria

There are three categories for exemptions requests:

  • The student is expelled for the entire assessment window.
  • The student is placed out-of-state for the entire assessment window.
  • The student is an EL student who has been enrolled in a U.S. school for less than 1 year.

On August 27, 2014, the office of the Attorney General of Wyoming provided an opinion about whether federal or state law prevents districts from consenting to parent requests that their students "opt-out" of state assessments. The rules of the State Board of Education require districts to assess all eligible students. Students may not opt-out of required assessments.

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Required Documentation

Each exemption request must include appropriate current documentation. This information is found in your campus's student information system. The link below provides examples of appropriate documentation.

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Submit your exemption

Before submitting your exemption request make sure that the student meets the exemption criteria and all required documentation is prepared. Failure to submit documentation will result in the denial of the exemption request.